Moving forward.

Weekly track and road workouts. Weekend long runs. Race days. Group excursions to trails near and far.


No hurries. No worries.

Are we a running pack? Are we a social club? Do we give back to the community?

Yes… yes…and yes.


Time to reflect.

You don’t say? You just ran a negative split. Or, maybe you just got a raise. Perhaps your sink pipe has a leak.

Time to carbo load.

The Benefits of Running.

Besides the physical transformation of stronger bones, improved cardiovascular fitness and strengthening muscles; runners in the Future Track Running Pack have also found:

  • A belly full of laughs.
  • Help… moving their bulky furniture.
  • A tennis partner.
  • A two-person lumber saw.
  • A soul mate.

You really can’t beat that.

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Join the Pack

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